Texas Carpenters and Millwrights Training Trust Fund, Houston Campus

Campus News


Dear Millwright Apprentice,

As you may have heard by now, your Apprenticeship program is changing starting the first full week of June 2017. These changes were approved by the Southern States Millwrights Regional Council (SSMRC), and the Millwright Contractors Association (MCA). The most notable change is that your Apprenticeship classes will be assigned. Enclosed you will find your personal class schedule as well as a tally of your completed classes. These changes are being made in an effort to help you move through the program in an expeditious manner, and to align the Houston Training Center with other SSMRC Training Centers. Apprentice will still receive an increase in salary and benefits for each year (two periods) of the program they complete. To complete a year, an Apprentice must still complete five classes (200 hours), two Supervisor Evaluations, two Tool Checks, and thirteen hundred hours of on the job training.


The other difference you may notice is a change to the Millwright Curriculum. Some classes have been rearranged, others have been eliminated, and a few have been added. These changes are being made to help Apprentice gain knowledge and skills that make you more marketable. This should help Apprentice acquire more work and move through the program in no more than four years.


Your first three classes have been scheduled, if you do not receive your class schedule by May 1, 2017 please call the Houston Training Center, so we can get a copy to you.  The Houston Training Center will continue to provide your training schedule at least five months in advance, two rotations (a rotation is around 11 weeks). This will help you to know when your classes are scheduled and allow you to share that information with your supervisor in advance. Remember, work is not an excuse to miss a class. Only a Labor Coordinator or higher can request a class to be rescheduled. If you miss a class, there may be a makeup class in Houston. Most of the Houston scheduled classes are running near capacity, so please know that if you need to make up a class, you may have to travel to Baton Rouge or Metairie, Louisiana. The Louisiana Training Centers have adopted the same curriculum and will offer classes that are offset from the Houston Training Center schedule. Please be aware that they will not be able to offer all the classes that the Houston Training Center offers each week; they just do not have enough instructors.  All cost associated with travel to Louisiana will fall to the Apprentice that misses their assigned class(es) in Houston.