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Application and Hiring Process

Millwright Applicants,
please contact local 2232 for information regarding joining the Millwright program. The telephone number is 713-649-0333, or you may email Victor Sanchez at or Dwight Murrah at

Carpenter Applicants please review the following information;

Applications are accepted at the Apprenticeship School currently located at 5500Spencer Hwy, Pasadena, TX 77505.

All persons requesting an application on Mondays unless it falls on a Holiday in which case Tuesday, will receive an application. All applications are identical in form and requirement. All applications are numbered in sequential order and correspond with the number appearing on the applicant log to ensure all applications are accounted for.

Completed Applications will be checked for minimum qualifications. Applicants deficient in one or more qualifications or requirements or making false statements on their application will be notified in writing of their disqualification. The applicant will also be notified of the appeal rights available to them. No further processing of the application will be taken.

Applicants that meet the minimum qualifications and submit the required documentation will be granted an oral interview.
Oral Interviews will be scheduled at least once a month and use a Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) approved evaluation sheet for “ranking” applicants. During the ranking process, applicants will earn points based on prior work experience, industry-recognized training, education, and soft skills. At the end of the interview, the point sheets will be tallied giving the applicant their “ranking score”.

Next, applicants will be “rated” based on some of the same factors used during the ranking. An applicant’s previous work experience, prior training, and industry-recognized certifications will be used to determine their starting point, (their rating) in the apprentice program. There are eight periods in the apprenticeship program; the rating is used to determine which period an apprentice will begin. Each period constitutes six months of apprenticeship training and work experience. While most new applicants to the craft will fall into the 1st-period rating, occasionally an applicant will have past work experience or craft training that will allow them to reduce their time in the apprenticeship program. For those applicants, oral interviews with Journeyman Instructors or demonstrations of task or skills may be used to determine an applicant’s rating level in the program.

Once the applicants are “Ranked and Rated” they will be placed on a list comprised of all applicants in descending order from the highest score (Ranking) to the lowest, along with their rating. The JATC or their designee will determine each month how many apprentices are needed in each craft. Based on the number of needed apprentice, those scoring at the top of the list will be invited to make membership, working down the list until all spots are filled. If an applicant declines the invitation, a note will be made in their folder. The date, time, and method of contact will be noted and the applicant will be “skipped over.” The next highest scoring applicant will be placed in their position. After the number of Apprentice has been reached no more applicants will be considered for the program that month. Additional applicants may be added if the majority of the committee agrees to bring in additional Apprentice. Once the selected applicant has passed a drug screening, completed all paperwork and paid all fees they will become Apprentice or Pre-Apprentice.

If an applicant demonstrates Journeyman status during the interview, the interview will stop. The applicant will be scheduled for the UBC Journeyman Testing for a future date not to exceed five days from the interview. The applicant may be asked to complete a manipulative test using prints as well as a written test. If the applicant meets the passing standard they will be granted Journeyman status.

Applicants will remain on the list for two years and may request their application be updated to include newly acquired skills or training. After two years, applicants will be removed from the list and will need to begin the process again by reapplying.

An orientation will be held at the school for all selected applicants.
(Revised August 15, 2018)